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Klingking Beach | Online Puzzle Game

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Let´s play the favorite logic online game - shuffle puzzle, completely for free. The main theme of this puzzle is the Klingking Beach. Test your logic and dexterity by gradually increasing the difficulty and changing the number of pieces. Let´s have fun with the puzzle game, whether you are a child or an adult. See instructions, how to play the game. You may also like other pieces from the category Travel.

Photo by: Alec Favale on Unsplash

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Instructions for operating the shuffle puzzle

The online puzzle is controlled with the mouse or by clicking with your finger on the mobile / tablet. The goal is to compose the image by moving the shuffled pieces.

  1. Start game - To start the game click on Start game button.
  2. Move puzzle pieces - always click on the piece you want to move to an empty space (gray area). You can only move tiles that are around an empty / grayed-out space.
  3. Shuffle puzzles - if you want to shuffle puzzle pieces, click on "Shuffle" in the upper left corner of the puzzle and choose from the available difficulties. The higher the difficulty, the greater the number of shuffled puzzle pieces.
  4. Resize the puzzle - if you want to change the number of pieces that make up the puzzle, click on "Grid" in the upper left corner of the puzzle and choose from the available grid layout sizes.

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